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85% efektivita
  • Modern design
  • Output range of 10-25 kW
  • Burns soft and hard wood
  • Large combustion chamber is available enabling longer heating at one load
  • Possibility to load big wood logs
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low emissions
  • Minimum of waste
  • Simple use and cleaning
  • Automatic boiler stop when fuel burns out
  • Flue ventilator ensures balanced and effective combustion and dustless operation
  • Modulated fan speed
  • quipped with the cooling circuit against overheating of water in the boiler
  • Quality boiler steel of 6mm thickness is used for boiler production
  • Refractory pieces are resistant up to the temperature of 1350°C
  • Boiler fulfills criteria of the highest class under the European norm EN303-5


The ATTACK DP Profi wood gasifying boiler is intended for economical and ecological heating of the family houses, small plants, work stations and similar objects. Wood is the main fuel for the ATTACK boilers. By full utilization of the feeding chamber there is possibility of the continual burning for 8- 12 hours.

Gasification of wood and the following combustion of the wood gas ensures optimal burning of all combustible contents. The combustion is regulated by the flue gas fan. Boiler body is isolated by a mineral wool. The boiler covering is treated by a powder paint.

Advantages of boilers Attack DP Profi

The ecological warm water boilers ATTACK DP Profi are intended for heating of dwelling houses and industrial objects. The boilers are constructed for combustion of the wood logs. It is possible to use any kind of dry wood, e.g. wood logs of the length adequate to the boiler type. The wood gasifying boiler ATTACK DP is a modern boiler that gets maximum from wood thanks to its technology and saves the environment by ecological combustion. The wood is a favourite fuel, as it produces comfortable warmth and grows right outside your door.


The wood gasifying boiler ATTACK DP Profi is controlled by an electronic regulator for regulation of temperature of the warmwater wood boilers. The Profi version of ATTACK DP boilers in comparison with the Standard version has advantage of the higher comfort of operation and the possibility of the boiler output modulation to achieve the optimal parameters of wood combustion. The regulator permanently measures the temperature of water in the boiler, displays its value and controlls the flue gas thermostat and the pump of central heating.

Nominal output (Standard version) 25 kW
Output range (Profi version) 10 – 25 kW
Heat exchange area 1,52 m²
Volume of the feeding chamber 125 dm³
Dimension of the feeding door 235 x 445 mm
Prescribed chimney draught 23 Pa
Max. operating overpressure of water 250 kPa
Pressure loss of water (ΔT 10K) 2,1 kPa
Pressure loss of water (ΔT 20K) 0,6 kPa
Boiler weight 370 kg
Diameter of the flue gas outlet 150 mm
Boiler height „A“ 1 240 mm
Boiler width „B“ 700 mm
Boiler depth „C“ 1 090 mm
Length of the feeding chamber „D“ 590 mm
Diameter of the flow connection G 6/4" "
Diameter of the return connection G 6/4" "
Grade of protection 21 IP
Electrical input 38 W
Boiler efficiency 85,3 %
Boiler class
Flue gas temperature by nominal output 230 °C
Flue gas flow by nominal output 0,019 kg/s
Max. noise level 65 dB
Fuel type Wood logs with relative humidity 12 % – max. 20 %, Ø 50–150 mm 
Average fuel consumption 7,75 kg/h
Approximate wood consumption per season 1 kW = 0,9 m3 
Max. length of wood logs 550 mm
Time of operation by max. output 3 h
Volume of water in the boiler 68 l
Recommended volume of the accumulation tank 625 l
Connection voltage ~ 230 / 50 V / Hz
Range to set the heating water temeprature 65 – 90 °C
Range to set the room temperature 10 – 27 °C
Capacity of the contacts of the boiler regulator (Profi version) ~ 230 V / 2 A 
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