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  • EfficientModern timeless design
  • High efficient tubular exchanger „flue gas-water“
  • High combustion efficiency of 90,2 % = low fuel consumption, low production of emissions and ash
  • Fixed output of this DPX wood gasifying boiler modification is 45 kW
  • Option to control combustion by the Lambda probe
  • Suction fan ensures balanced and efficient combustion and dustless operation
  • Fluently modulated fan rotations
  • Combustion of soft and hard wood
  • Big boiler hopper ensuring longer heating duration at one load
  • Možnosť prikladať veľké kusy dreva
  • Easy usage and cleaning
  • Minimum of waste
  • Automatic boiler stop when fuel burns out
  • Automatic control of heat-up flap connected with opening and closing of the feeding door
  • Equipped with aftercooling circuit against overheating of boiler in the water
  • Quality boiler steel of 6 mm thickness used for boiler manufacturing
  • Fireproof pieces resistant up to the temperature of 1350°C
  • The boiler fulfills criteria of the highest class under the European norm EN303-5
DPX Profi The new boiler line ATTACK DPX is equipped with the more efficient tubular exchanger flue gas – water. Special movable turbulators installed inside the exchanger serve to brake and to make the turbulent flow of the flue gas through the exchanger. Thereby it comes to higher heat transfer through the steel exchanger wall into the heating water.
Turbulators also enable easy exchanger cleaning. The clean exchanger reaches the most effective operation parameters – the high efficiency.

From technical view it is a boiler line with high efficiency, low flue gas temperature and more effective combustion process. Achieved efficiency of the ATTACK DPX boiler is 90 %. By installation of more efficient boiler of the ATTACK DPX line it comes to significant decrease of the operating costs,projected into the fuel savings, in comparison with less efficient boilers that combust same fuel. From the social-wide view, it is an enviroment-friendly source, combusting wooden biomass, which is a kind of CO2-neutral fuel.

Considering the harmful emissions, the average concentration of CO value in the flue gas, is during operation of the LAMBDA version under the level of 200 mg/m3 related to 10 % of O2.

Under the valid European norm EN303-5, classifying the solid fuel boilers by efficiency and emissions to individual classes, the ATTACK DPX boiler (version LAMBDA) reaches 25 times lower concentration of harmful CO emisions in the flue gas in comparison with the allowed level of this norm!


The wood gasifying boiler modification ATTACK DPX 45 Standard is controlled by the boiler and the flue gas thermostat.
Nominal output (STANDARD version) 45 kW
Heat exchange surface 3,03 m²
Volume of feeding chmaber 190 dm³
Dimension of feeding door 235 x 445 mm
Prescribed chimney draught 23 Pa
Max. operating overpressure of water 250 kPa
Boiler weight 490 kg
Priemer odťahového hrdla 150 mm
Boiler height „A“ 1 240 mm
Boiler width „B“ 700 mm
Boiler depth „C“ 1 440 mm
Length of feeding chamber „D“ 790 mm
Diameter of flow connection G 2" "
Diameter of return connection G 2" "
Grade of protection 21 IP
El. input 78 W
Boiler efficiency 90,2 %
Boiler class
Flue gas temperature by nominal output 190 °C
Flue gas temperature by nominal output 0,027 kg/s
Max. noise level 65 dB
Fuel class and type Wood logs with relative humidity 12 % – max. 20 %, Ø 50–150 mm 
Average fuel consumption 11,75 kg/h
Approximate fuel consumption per season 1 kW = 0,9 m3 
Max. length of wood logs 750 mm
Volume of water in the boiler 128 l
Recommended volume of accumulation tank 1 200 l
Connection voltage ~ 230 / 50 V / Hz
Range for setting the temperature of heating water 65 – 90 °C
Range for setting the room temperature 10 – 27 °C
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