Installation example with ATTACK FD


  • Modern design
  • Long life of cast iron exchanger, extremely resistant against the low-temperature corrosion
  • Minimum failure rate
  • Efficiency of 82 %
  • Wide output range, according to the number of elements
  • Long warranty for iron cast part
  • Reliability of regulation and safety elements
  • EKO Easy usage and maintenance
  • Easy assembly of boiler covering by boiler installation in boiler
  • Low requirements for chimney draught
  • Convenient placing of output regulator
  • Enlarged loading space for feeding bigger wood logs
The ATTACK FD 42 solid fuel cast iron hot water boiler represents modern source of heat with new construction of cast iron heat exchanger. The ATTACK FD boiler can burn coal, coke or wood. The boiler is suitable for central heating systems in flats and houses. Following the actual norm, every output modification has to be equipped with cooling exchanger and safety valve. It is recommended to use moveable grate, if the coke as a fuel is used.

For those who are interested in cheap combi boiler is designed burn pellets conversion kit that can be fitted to the boiler. This allows you to change the operation of the boiler for combustion of wood pellets. This conversion kit is available also for already purchased and installed ATTACK boiler as well as other brands.

The set contains ATTACK Burner BIOH EAT 6–25 kW, door FD for the BIOHEAT (P) burner, partition of combustion chamber, pellet feeder, pellet tank of 330 l.
Number of elements 8 ks
Nominal output – coke 43,9 kW
Fuel consumption by nominal output – coke 7,77 kg/h
Minimal output – coke 12,5 kW
Fuel consumption by nominal output – black coal 2,31 kg/h
Nominal output – black coal 39,5 kW
Fuel consumption by nominal output – black coal 7,5 kg/h
Minimal output – black coal 21 kW
Fuel consumption by minimal output – black coal 3,7 kg/h
Nominal output – wood 36,9 kW
Fuel consumption by nominal output – wood 9,92 kg/h
Minimal output – wood 17 kW
Fuel consumption by minimal output – wood 4,63 kg/h
Volume of combustion chamber 59,5 dm3
Volume of water in boiler 43 l
Max. operating pressure 0,4 MPa
Boiler weight 350 kg
Boiler depth 855 mm
Boiler height 1 001 mm
Boiler width 470 mm
Length of combustion chamber 690 mm
Width of combustion chamber 300 mm
Dimensions of loading hole (w x h) 230 x 310 mm
Efficiency 78 – 82 %
Test pressure 0,8 MPa
Connection of heating water G 2" Js
Connection of cooling loop G1/2” internal thread Js
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