Accumulation tank ATTACK HRS2000K
Accumulation tank ATTACKInstallation exampleInstallation example with ATTACK WOOD&PELLET boilerInstallation example with ATTACK PELLET 30 AUTOMATIC Plus boilerInstallation example with ATTACK SLX boilerInstallation example with ATTACK DPX boilerInstallation example with ATTACK FD Automat boilerPreview of the comprehensive solution ATTACK


  • equalisation of an inequal boiler output and higher comfort
  • lower fuel consumption – boiler works at full output, i.e. with optimal efficiency
  • long life of the boiler and chimney – minimum production of tars and acids at full ouput
  • option to combine with another means of heating (accumulation electricity, solar devices)
  • option to combine radiators with underfloor heating
  • higher comfort of operation
The accumulation tanks ATTACK HRS are made from the quality steel and serve for accumulation of the heating water as well as for preparation of the D.H.W. by an internal enameled exchanger. The ATTACK HRS2000K model is accessorized with an extra exchanger to be connected to the solar system. Tanks of this type have a built-in magnesium anode in the D.H.W. tank to increase resistance against corrosion.

ATTACK HRS: 10x socket G 1 1/2", 6x socket G 1/2", 2x socket G 1" – solar circuit, 2x socket G 1" – D.H.W.
Position 1-6 1955 
Position 2-7 1408 
Position 3 1314 
L-max. length of the el. heating body 1000 
Position 4-8 862 
Position 5-9 315 
Position RS 315 
Position AS 843 
Ø D1 – Diameter without insulation 1100 
Ø D2 – Diameter with insulation of 100 mm 1300 
Height 2274 
Height with insulation of 100 mm 2374 
R – Slope dimension without insulation 2390 
Max. operating temperature 95° °C
Max. operating pressure 3 bar
Area of exchanger 4,2 m²
Volume of exchanger 23,7 l
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Volume 160 l
Max. operating temperature 95° °C
Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Volume 1800 l
Weight 296 kg
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