The floor standing condensing boiler ATTACK KZT SOLAR Plus
Installation example with ATTACKInstallation example with ATTACK


  • EfficiencyAccumulation of DHW in a glass pottery layered tank of 180 l with circulation and thermostatic
  • valve at the outlet
  • Hydraulical circuit with 3 pump speeds and electronic card for combination with two heating circuits for the high-temperature and the low-temperature mode
  • Utility circuit with hydraulic system and electronic regulation for cooperation with two solar collectors
  • Sensor of solar collectors included
  • Modulating pump of the solar circuit
  • One device to control both mixing zones - for D.H.W. preparation and for complete control of one or several solar collectors integrated into the D.H.W. circuit
The ATTACK KZT SOLAR PLUS is a condensing boiler with modern design, equipped with advanced technology with increased reliability and construction quality. This is a floor standing boiler with interlaced accumulation, solar device control and two heating zones.

The ATTACK KZT SOLAR PLUS boiler is equipped with a complete built-in solar system including control unit, D.H.W. tank of 180 l and solar circuitpumps. It is only necessary to hydraulically connect the solar collectors.

The ATTACK KZT SOLAR PLUS is a gas boiler with a closed chamber for D.H.W. warming by high level of condensation and very low emissions value, using the natural or liquefied gas. It is equipped with the microprocessor control system. The boiler body consists from the aluminium multi – plate exchanger and ceramic mixing burner, that is equipped with an electronic ignition with ionisation flame control, modulation fan and modulation gas valve.

The boiler is intended for connection to 1 or several solar collectors that serve for D.H.W. preparation. Special solar tank and the advanced circuit with a solar pump with different speed integrated into the device enable to maximize the savings from the panel of the solar system. The ATTACK KZT SOLAR PLUS is standardly equipped with a double internal circulation to ensure the simultaneous regulation of the two independent zones: the low temperature zone (floor) and the high temperature zone (radiators, towel heaters).
Max. / min. thermal output of central heat. 25,2 / 5,3 kW
Max. / min. thermal output of D.H.W. 27 / 5,3 kW
Efficiency Pmax. / Pmin. (80 – 60°C) 98,3 / 97,3 kW
Min. thermal output of central heating (50/30°C) / (80/60°C) 105,4 / 107,2 kW
Efficiency 30 % 109,1 %
Emission class NOX
Volume of D.H.W. 180 l
Volume of D.H.W. expanse vessel 12 l
D.H.W. flow Dt 30°C (flow excluding the solar circuit) 260 l/ 10min
D.H.W. flow Dt 30°C (flow excluding the solar circuit) 890 l/hod
Volume of solar expanse vessel 18 l
Weight 125 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 1 080 x 600 mm
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