ATTACK DPX COMBI PelletATTACK DPX COMBI PelletPreview of the comprehensive solution ATTACK


  • EfficientHigh efficient tubular exchanger „flue gas-water“
  • High efficiency of burning - 90,4 % – thanks to the tubular exchanger, equipped with special movable turbulators for cleaning of heat exchanger
  • Feeding chamber 125 l, that enables longer burning by one wood load
  • Option to burn pellets
  • Boiler enabling operation with wood and fully automatic operation with pellets
  • User comfort, reliability of operation, easy use and maintenance
  • Manufactured from the special boiler steel of 6 mm to ensure long life-time
  • Stainless steel burner of the highest quality with automatic cleaning
  • Option of easy installation of the burner into the boiler by a movable construction and thereby – the fuel use change within 1 minute
  • Decreased operating costs per season thanks to the combination of fuels
  • Option of the gradual output regulation according to the burner type
  • Option to re-build the already installed boiler DPX to the DPX COMBI Pellet by the set for re-building
  • Fully automatic burner operation
  • Compact design, easy use, information given on the LCD display
  • Automatic grate cleaning, adjustable in dependence on the quality of pellets
  • Automatic start and termination of the burning process by pellet combustion
  • Precise measuring of flame intensity by the photocell – by the operation with pellets
  • Option to set the burner output within the range of 8–30 kW or 15–50 kW, according to the type of burner
  • Option to connect the external sensor into the accumulation tank
  • Regulation of the burner operation by the room thermostat or thermal probe
  • Option to burn wood pellets of 6–10 mm diameter and 35 mm length
  • Option to adjust the combustion according to the fuel used
  • Quality stainless steel used for combustion chamber and burner grate
  • Option to connect fuel feeders of different length
  • Safety elements against backward burning, 4x protection against overheating – emergency, boiler, flue gas thermostat and aftercooling circuit
  • Requirement for low operating under-pressure in the combustion chamber
  • Multi-lingual menu, option to adjust the wide scale of parameters
  • Indication of operating modes
  • Error diagnostics
DPX COMBI PELLETThe new boiler line ATTACK DPX 25 COMBI PELLET is equipped with the more efficient tubular exchanger flue gas – water. Special movable turbulators installed inside the exchanger serve to brake and to make the turbulent flow of the flue gas through the exchanger. Thereby it comes to higher heat transfer through the steel exchanger wall into the heating water. Turbulators also enable easy exchanger cleaning. The clean exchanger reaches the most effective operation parameters – the high efficiency.

From technical view it is a boiler line with high efficiency, low flue gas temperature and more effective combustion process. Achieved efficiency of the ATTACK DPX boiler is over 90 %. By installation of more efficient boiler of the ATTACK DPX line it comes to significant decrease of the operating costs, projected into the fuel savings, in comparison with less efficient boilers that combust same fuel.From the social-wide view, it is an enviroment-friendly source, combusting wooden biomass, which is a kind of CO2-neutral fuel.


The warm water boiler ATTACK DPX COMBI Pellet is a modern heat source with new construction of heat exchanger. the prescribed fuel is wood and pellets – if the automatic stainless steel burner is installed. This innovative solution brings higher comfort thanks to the automatic pellet burner, which is simply installed in the boiler, and the advantage of the cheapest heat energy gained from wood in the wood gasifying boiler.

By installation of the burner into the steel body of the boiler ATTACK DPX you get the combined boiler for solid fuel and
with adjustable output, automatic grate cleaning, automatic start and termination of the burning process. The pellet burner is placed on a movable construction, which enables to insert the boiler easily into the upper door of the boiler and to
remake the wood gasifying boiler into the pellet boiler. if the burner is not disposable, the burner can be simply dismantled and the boiler can be used as a standard wood gasifying boiler.

The boiler is controlled by the PROFI „PID“ regulator and burner electronics. Both regulators can be turned off by the main switch, according to the fuel used. It is possible to choose the burner of 8–30 kW or 15–50 kW output. The boiler is  intended for economical and ecological heating of dwelling houses, cottages, small factories, workshops and similar objects.
Nominal output – wood 25 kW
Nominal output – pellets 30 kW
Output range – wood 12–25 kW
Output range – pellets 8–30 kW
Heat exchange area 2,52 m²
Objem nakladacej komory 125 dm³
Rozmer plniaceho otvoru 235 × 445 mm
Predpísaný ťah komína 23 Pa
Priemer odťahového hrdla 150 mm
Max. pracovný pretlak vody 250 kPa
Tlaková strata na strane vody (∆T 10 K) 2,3 kPa
Tlaková strata na strane vody (∆T 20 K) 0,7 kPa
Priemer stúpačky G 6/4 "
Priemer spiatočky G 6/4 "
Hmotnosť kotla 480 kg
Výška kotla 1 240 mm
Šírka kotla 760 mm
Hĺbka kotla „C“ 1 250 mm
Hĺbka kotla „C“ – s horákom 1 510 mm
Dĺžka nakladacej komory „D“ 590 mm
Power supply voltage ~230/50 V/Hz
Stupeň krytia 21 IP
Electric power – wood 38 W
Power consumption – Pellets (at ignition) 600 W
Power consumption – pellets 96 W
Power consumption – standby <5 W
Boiler efficiency – wood 90,4 %
Boiler efficiency – pellets 90,8 %
Boiler class by CO (under the norm EN 303-5)
Flue gas temperature by nominal output – wood 165 °C
Flue gas temperature by nominal output – pellets 145 °C
Flue gas flow by nominal output – wood 0,018 kg/s
Flue gas flow by nominal output – pellets 0,005 kg/s
Max. hladina hluku 65 dB
Prescribed fuel – wood Suché drevo s výhrevnosťou 15 – 17 MJ/kg, obsah vody min. 12 % – max. 20 %, Ø 80 – 150 mm 
Prescribed fuel – pelets Drevné pelety, Ø 6 mm, l = 35 mm, vlhkosť do 12 %, podľa noriem: DIN 51 731 – HP 5, DIN Plus, alebo EN 14961-2 – A1 
Fuel consumption – wood 6,5 kg/h
Fuel consumption – pellets 2,4–6,9 kg/h
Approximate wood consumption per season 1 kW = 1 m³ 
Maximal length of wood logs 550 mm
Volume of water in the boiler 100 l
The minimum volume of buffer tank 625 l
Range to set the heating water temperature 65–90 °C
Capacity of the contacts of the boiler regulator 230/2 V/A
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