Combined Boiler

If you are looking for a boiler with low operating costs and comfort comparable with usage of a gas boiler, you have just found it. We are introducing you the ecological combined boiler ATTACK® WOOD&PELLET, suitable for burning of several types of fuel, especially soft and hard wood, briquettes and pellets. The boiler is intendended for heating of family houses, huts, small plants, workrooms and similar objects.

To provide the high comfort, the boiler is equipped with the feeding chamber of big volume. Thereby there is an option of the continuous burning at full output for 6 hours. Moreover, if the boiler detects signal for heating, it can automatically start the pellet burning process, after the wood in the wood-gasifying boiler part burns out, without any action into the boiler operation. Thereby you can easily use advantages of the cheapest heat source - wood, in combination with the comfortable and also very cheap heat source – pellets.

Electronics of the boiler

  • Option to select the modes: Wood, Combi, Testmode
  • Under the Combi mode there is the automatic pellet burner start after the wood is burned-out in the feeding chamber
  • Wood is lighted manually or automatically by the burner – immediately or with time delay
  • Precise burning control by the Lambda probe
  • Reliable control of the flame by the photocell
  • Colour touch display of 5,7“
  • Option to update the boiler’s regulation anytime with the newest software - easily by the USB key
  • Option to start, watch, control and stop the boiler via the internet
  • Ability to keep the actual time and the parameters set, even after the power failure
  • Time programs of the boiler operation
  • Micro SD card of 512MB to record the information about the boiler operation
  • Option of the LAN internet connection
  • Option of control by the external thermostat
  • Option to add the external modules to control accumulation tank, heating circuits including the floor heating, D.H.W. circuit, solar circuit and switching the other automatic boiler
  • Adjustable screensaver
  • Approach to the service settings by the code
  • Record of error messages
  • Option to control the boiler by the application in cell phone (Smartphone)
  • Option of control and self-diagnostics of the boiler by a service technician via Smartphone / LAN
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