Condensing boilers KZT

KZT - Storage Tank D.H.W. Heating

Condensing boiler with hermetic chamber designed for heating and warming of D.H.W. by high level of efficiency and very low emissions value, using the natural or liquefied gas. The D.H.W. is produced by a special accumulation multi-layer tank.

The new line of the wall hung condensing boilers ATTACK Plus is based on the long-time experience of the ATTACK, s.r.o.
company on the foreign markets.
  • Smart compact design
  • The most modern technologies integrated
  • Micro-processor control and autodiagnostics
  • Reliable automatic operation, fluent output regulation
  • Intuitive user interface, equithermal regulation
  • Remote control with communication of both sides, OPENTHERM
  • Eco / Comfort preparation of D.H.W.
  • Low consumption of fuel (gas)
  • High efficiency and long-term ecological operation,
The ATTACK® gas condensing boilers have gained the customers all over the world thanks to the above mentioned properties.

Usage of the condensing boilers is practically universal. Everyday praxis shows, that it is possible to use condensing boilers up to the temperature gradient of 80/60°C with the efficiency exceeding 98 %. Thanks to the modern construction and controlled combustion it always works with the efficiency higher than the ordinary boiler. On the ground of a long-term experience it is possible to calculate with possibility to reach the fuel savings up to 30 % in comparison with an ordinary solution. And all this thanks to integrated modern technologies:
  • Premix stainless steel burner - The ATTACK® boilers are equipped with the special microflame premix burner made from stainless steel plates, with fuel premixing and very low emissons, which is installed in horizontal position. This burner is typical with the high reliability and durability. It is characterized by electronic ignition, ionisation flame control , excellent modulation range and low noise level. The mixing system was designed for easy access and maintenance.
  • Stainless steel exchanger - The boiler body consists from a multi-plate tube heat exchanger ATTACK with total combustion efficiency of 109,5 %. It contains eleven canals for heating water transit on the flame, with three temperature levels that enable efficient condensation of the water steam contained in the exhaust gas. The multiplate unit is without welds, maximally mechanically fixed and tight, guaranting high time resistancy and very low operation noisiness.
  • Anti-Noise Insulation - All models of the ATTACK® boilers are equipped with an additional anti - noise insulation on the internal covering wall. Thanks to this equipment, the fluent output modulation and usage of the quality components, the noisiness of the ATTACK® boilers does not exceed 45dB.
  • Condensate Offtake - Basic equipment of all condensing ATTACK® boilers contains the complete integrated condensate offtake that is conducted to the level of other media connection, including the drain with control gap.
  • Room Regulators - The new line of space regulators – chronotherm - is characterized by easy operation, high quality, reliability, energy savings and modern design. The regulator CR 11004 enables equithermal regulation - i.e. automatic boiler setting according the external temperature, easily adjustable week programm , comfort boiler control from the room.
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