Burner ATTACK PELLET BURNER Automatic 8-30 kW


The burner is used for boilers FD Series 1000


  • The burner is used for boilers FD series 1000
  • Fully automatic burner operation
  • Compact design, easy control, information on LCD display
  • Automatic grate cleaning, adjustable in dependence on quality of the pellets used
  • Automatic start and termination of the burning process
  • Precise measuring of falme intensity by photocell
  • Option to set output within the range of 8–30 kW
  • Option to connect external sensor into accumulation tank
  • Burner operation controlled by room thermostat or thermal probe
  • High combustion efficiency and low operating emissions
  • Possibility to burn wood pellets with diameter of 6 mm and length of 35 mm
  • Option to regulate combustion according to the fuel used
  • Quality stainless steel of combustion chamber and burner grate
  • Option to connect different types of fuel feeders
  • Safety elements against backward burning, 4x protection against overheating – emergency, boiler, flue gas thermostat and aftercooling circuit
  • Requirement for low operating underpressure in combustion chamber
  • Multilingual menu, option to set wide scale of parameters
  • Displaying operating modes
  • Error diagnostics
Stainless steel ATTACK burner works on principle of fuel -pellet falling from fuel feeder through supply hose and pipe on the grate to be combusted.

Burner works under fully automatic mode, from evaluation of heat supply need, fuel supply, electrical ignition, burning-up, burning, shutting-down, burning-out, cleaning and switching to the emergency regime.

Burner output is of the range of 8–30 kW, adjustable by 2 kW. Burner output range of 14–30 kW is set from production. There are three levels of output: 1 (14 kW), 2 (22 kW) and 3 (30 kW). Output range of two levels: 8–12 kW and 14–30 kW can be set in the advanced menu.
Prescribed fuel Wood pellets d = 6–10 mm, l = 35 mm max. 
Mode 8 – 12, 14 – 30 kW
Output scale 8–30 kW, scaled by 2 kW
Boilers with heat chamber up to 3 m²
Connection voltage ~ 230 V / 50 Hz V / Hz
Main current poistka 10 A
Weight 22 kg
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