Quality policy management

The quality policy

The ATTACK, s.r.o. designs, produces and makes service of wood gasifying boilers, wood pellet boilers, universal solid fuel boilers, gas wall hung and floor standing boilers.

Top management of the ATTACK, s.r.o. submits the quality policy to declare creation of conditions for further develpment with full responsibility. Thereby, the company declares crucial approach to quality of all the company procedures. Management of the company is convinced of support of the quality policy by all employees of the company.

Quality, organization, well-arranged and functional management, approved and documented procedures of the selected processes in the company and clear responsibility for them, ability to successfully and seriously deal with the partners - all these tasks are involved in the quality management system.

Processes of the ATTACK, s.r.o. are basically focused to ensure quality of all company products to fully satisfy customers demands. Hereby, also next demands for company´s products have to be fulfilled. The most important are:
- full utilization for stated purposes;
- conformity with norms, specifications, juridical and other presriptions in the product´s locality;
- ability to be competetive at the market, realization on-time with the costs enabling profit.

We tend to keep confidence of our recent customers and to gain trust of the new ones by square deal and particularly by good quality and reliability of the products. Thereby it is necessary to prevent hazards related to unconforming products or actions implying the loss of the goodwill against our partners and customers and then to loos of the market share. Prevention of faults and deffects and on-time realization of effective correction actions represents basic task of employees of the company. for this purpose we use monitoring and measuring of concrete processes and data analysis

Top management of the company fully agrees with requirements of the STN EN ISO 9001:2001, i.e. with principals of effective inovolvement and permanent improvement of control of all processes with influence on the company product´s quality. Headquaters and all company employees realize, that good reputation of the ATTACK, s.r.o. came out from lon-time labour and it can be devaluated very easily. Therefore, all the company employees have to care about quality of all their actions, because it is directly related to the quality of the processes and products.

Involved, kept and permanently improved system of the quality management ensures, that all actions and procedures related to achievement, keeping and increasement of the quality of the ATTACK company production are performed expertly and effectively.

Our future plans are represented by:
- multiple extension of internet presentation;
- publishement of company technical database for cooperating projectants, service and installation workers on internet;
- acquisition of strong business partners to strengthen market share of the ATTACK, s.r.o. on interesting foreign markets
- extension of production capacity focused on higher serial production;
- increasement of quality of the infrastructure.

Evaluation of quality goals stated for the upcoming period indicates preservation of its standard level and ahievement of the planned level . It is verified by fulfilled value and time criteria of the particular quality goals. Differences between recent and final level and usage of the actions to improve indicators will be also included to the stated quality goals.

The above described quality policy is in the ATTACK, s.r.o. ensured by the quality management system, fulfilling requirements of the STN EN ISO 9001:2001.System requires control and ensuring of quality in all the company departments, from the first contact with customer, up to the sale of the final product to the customer. This strategy of the ATTACK, s.r.o. is pursued by chief employees of all departments by personnel training and application into practical daily work.

Assigned quality policy is practised with purpose to satisfy demands and expectations of customers.

With validity since 01.04.2009

Rudolf Bakala
General director of the ATTACK, s.r.o.

Current certificate of quality ISO 9001.

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